A journey into Lean Six Sigma is holistic, and once begun it requires constant commitment and leadership in order to benefit from it, like a continuous improvement cycle an organisation needs to implement and improve on the deployment strategy.

A Lean Six Sigma transformation has two distinct approaches, top-down and bottom-up. From the top it begins with a commitment from the organisation’s leadership team. Business leaders must be aligned on the following 3 key elements to successfully create and sustain a continuous improvement enterprise that reaches down through all levels of the organisation:

  • Understanding the need for change
  • Setting and communicating a worthy purpose and vision
  • Deploying a sophisticated strategy

To ensure it is reciprocated from the bottom up, the leadership and management of business will support the workforce through:

  • Education and training
  • Initiating team involvement
  • Encouragement and acknowledgment
A holistic approach to Lean Six Sigma:

lean six sigma methodology, philosophy and tools

Vative Academy have the expertise to initiate and support all elements to a business transformation.

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