Why Lean?

Lean is a systematic methodology with the goal of creating value that is used to improve both product and process quality, accelerate process velocity and reduce process cost by removing waste. The methods are proven and the principles are designed to revolutionise and change the culture dynamics of your organisation.

Why Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process improvement methodology focused on developing near perfect products and services. Six Sigma measures how far a given process deviates from perfection to systematically figure out how to eliminate the defects and get as close to flawless quality as possible.

Lean Six Sigma

Combining Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies
into one training strategy

Lean (Reduces waste through streamlining processes) + Six Sigma (reduces defects through problem solving) = Lean Six-Sigma (accelerates process efficiency and controls quality outcomes)

Lean and Six Sigma complement each other delivering greater results than what could generally be achieved individually. Combining these two methods will give you a comprehensive tool which is set to increase the speed and effectiveness of any process within your business – resulting in increased revenue, reduced costs, improved culture and superior quality outcomes.

People create results. Engaging your employees in Lean Six Sigma encourages active participation and results in a connected and accountable team which will build trust and unity to promote transparency throughout all levels of the business by means of a shared understanding as to how each person is important to the overall success of the organisation. Business leaders that are committed to providing opportunities for employees to focus on continuous improvement projects will deliver transformational results.

Vative Academy are industry leaders in optimising businesses in the way of Lean Six Sigma training.

How the methodologies differ

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