The most successful leaders must continually reinvent themselves as the effectiveness they possess within the organisation declines over time. Like the law of gravity, what goes up must come down and once the energy of a leader has peaked, he or she must consider that in time that energy will slowly decrease and only the art of self-reinvention will again instil inspiration, passion, and collaboration within your followers.

You see, your followers won’t enjoy repetition and let’s face it, who ready does? As a Leader your approach, attitude and overall style must shift over time, shift away from the focus on yourself and more on your followers. To use another analogy of laws, the law of attraction is what leadership is all about; focus your energies on your followers and in turn your followers will give back their energy to your organisation, and with a clear company vision and purpose they’ll organically head towards it.

Understanding the importance of reinvention on a greater level will see true leaders realise that once you have given every ounce of energy you have and you feel the leadership drive you once had cannot be rediscovered anymore, then it is then time to appoint and replace your leadership title into the arms of an emerging leader. This takes vast amount courage and it is at this point where some organisations fail as some leaders neglect to recognise that the company requires a leadership re-birth.