Government Funding Options

Government Financial Support

Businesses have the capacity to access Government training funding and as a partner to your business, Vative Academy will ensure your investment to our workplace based training is maximised through Government funding. We’ll look at every possible avenue and strive for a cost effective program and with any surplus of funding we’ll ensure it is put back in to your business with additional services.

To find out if your business may be eligible for any Government assistance, have your employees download and complete a Training Evaluation Form and send it back to Vative Academy and we’ll respond back to you within 24 hours.

Training Evaluation Form

FAQ’s on Government Funding!

Government funding varies between each State across Australia, Vative Academy have various State Government contracts which allow us to access funding in most States in order to apply to your program. Contact us for more information on whether funding is applicable within your business location.
Not all Government funding arrangements require an enterprise contribution. Where a contribution is applicable the amounts may vary which we’ll formulate as part of our no obligation training needs analysis and proposal prior to any commencement of training programs.
All employees can be pre-evaluated for Government funding. Employees must be Australian citizens or permanent residents (not residing on a VISA) and can be in a casual, part or full time employment arrangement.
We have access to experts who can address the needs of employees with LLN difficulties. Specialised teachers can be accessed through Government funded initiatives that can help raise the levels of LLN in your workplace whilst working in conjunction with our program facilitators to deliver your Lean Six Sigma training program. The Government is committed to assisting businesses through an initiative called WELL (Workplace English Language and Literacy), we are partnered with the country’s leading WELL providers to help ensure all of your employees have the opportunities to attain a nationally recognised qualification no matter their LLN proficiency level.
Your business may be eligible for Federal Government incentives if your employees are considered to be ‘new entrants’. New entrant employees are those who when at the time begin their training are employed less than 3 month in a full-time arrangement or less than 12 months in a part-time arrangement. Vative Academy can connect you with a partnered Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) who can assist you with accessing these incentives.