Lean logistics and continuous improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma are key themes to reduce non value add activities and improve core processes in the supply chain of an organisation. Lean warehouse operations is critical to the flow of a supply chain, regardless of how fast inventory is turned, warehouses will always exist to allow a company to deal with variations in customer demand. The key is to reduce the non-value added steps in the warehouse as much as possible and to improve velocity and flow.

Applying lean logistics reveals opportunities to reduce lead time and processing time in a warehouse environment, including:

  • Reduce material handling in order picking and packing
  • Reduce time in truck loading
  • Reduce time spent checking inventory location
  • Reduce human motion through effective layout planning

Using Lean Six Sigma concepts will increase supply chain efficiency while improving warehouse inventory and order processing accuracy.

Lean Logistics Training Courses

Dual Qualification options only, Warehousing qualifications are not available as a single qualification