Lean Six Sigma encompasses many facets in leadership, management and operations therefore requires involvement at all levels and functions of an organisation. It is especially critical to the overall success of business transformation that organisations provide training and coaching to support the concepts and requirements of Lean Six Sigma.

Leadership and Management combined with Competitive Systems and Practices are the fitting qualifications which capture the required skills and knowledge to implement Lean Six Sigma within an organisation. Leadership and Management as well as Competitive Systems and Practices is designed to be relevant for workers at different levels and occupations in any size organisation, ranging from developing operational and support supervisors through to team leaders and managers in technical or specialist roles.

Designed to transform the mindset of individuals who aspire for change. Vative’s Lean Leadership aims to develop inspirational and innovative leaders who can bring positive change within their business or workplace.

Lean Leadership Training Courses

Dual Qualification options only, Leadership qualifications are not available as a single qualification.