Lean Health Care Training Courses

The purpose of Lean Healthcare training is to improve the provision of patient care. Lean in the Healthcare environment is an innovative approach which focuses on improving quality and efficiency while controlling costs during which it acts as a vehicle for cultural transformation.

The healthcare industry relies on health practitioners to work through multiple and complex processes to accomplish their tasks and provide value to the patient, therefore lean principles will have a positive impact on productivity, cost, quality, and timely delivery of health services. The benefits of Lean Healthcare are often:

  • Reduced errors and improvement of patient responses
  • Reduced turn-a-round times and errors
  • Reduced diversions and flow in emergency departments
  • Reduced inventory and supply costs
  • Reduces clutter for cleaner and safer health centres
  • Reduced patient delays and increase of capacity in outpatient departments

Vative Healthcare offer a selection of nationally recognised training courses across a myriad of sub-sections within the Healthcare sector, follow this link for more information